I talked previously about limitations, but how about boundaries, setting limits?

It’s a fact – most of us live in a very hectic, multi-tasked, eat on the run, say yes environment. We say yes because we like being the go to guy. When the tough gets going, people know they can count on you!

There’s a slice of ego sprinkled with satisfaction that comes from taking on every pitch being thrown and the reputation for getting a hit each time. But what’s the cost?

Lately I’ve been encountering more managers on the path to burn-out. They are overwhelmed with change and adaptation from new systems installations to new processes addressing challenges in the market place. High performers are given more to carry out with less resources, and keeping all the plates spinning requires cell phone readiness, even on vacation!

So, how do we set boundaries? Saying no is a really good start. Saying no to one thing makes room for a yes to something else, like –  I’m not going to answer my cell phone at dinner so I can just enjoy my family. Small steps to big rewards.


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