Our thought, our passion.


I’m re-designing my web site. I’m not a geek or even do I really enjoy technology so much that I’d choose to spend more time than I already do at a computer, but I listened to some recent feedback that gave me the nudge to change. A client of mine pointed out that I was […]


I talked previously about limitations, but how about boundaries, setting limits? It’s a fact – most of us live in a very hectic, multi-tasked, eat on the run, say yes environment. We say yes because we like being the go to guy. When the tough gets going, people know they can count on you! There’s […]

PUT ME IN, Coach!

What is coaching anyway? If we look at athletics there is always a coach. Golfers have a swing coach, there are pitching coaches, diving coaches, gymnastic coaches and more. Think of business coaching as “strength and conditioning coaching”, much in the same way as athletics. Come from your strength and develop new muscles by exercise, […]

Merely a thought

Marketing guru Seth Godin recently posted a piece about challenging difficult but achievable hills in your pursuit of success. He continues by talking about picking the right hills, ones you barely make it over, that lead to new hills that become the mountains careers are made of. I like the image created by this description. […]