I’m re-designing my web site. I’m not a geek or even do I really enjoy technology so much that I’d choose to spend more time than I already do at a computer, but I listened to some recent feedback that gave me the nudge to change.

A client of mine pointed out that I was limiting myself by serving only one industry. Because I have a strong background in the construction industry, both in leading and managing, it was a natural transition into consulting and coaching within an industry I know so well. I never looked at it as confining until said client – who is not part of the construction industry – asked me to take a broader view of my talents and make them available to everyone.

Why do we wear such blinders to our own potential?

Tim Gallwey’s book “The Inner Game of Tennis” introduced me to the formula: Performance = Potential – Self Interference.  I’ve been familiar with this equation for many years, and yet, I create limiting factors to my performance by standing in my own way. Do you?


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