Leading Difficult Conversations

Imagine having the skills to approach difficult conversations head on, yet with honesty and compassion. Conversations around poor performance, failed deliverables, customer complaints and team conflict are challenging. Every day we have a choice how we're going to show up and communicate. Often times, under stress we can show up at our worst, common sense tossed out the window. This course will give you powerful tools to balance difficult conversations with more ease. You'll discover in this interactive class, through practice, that it's not as difficult as we make it to communicate on tough topics.

Our program will teach you to identify the crucial moment in high-stakes encounters. Learn to ease tensions, bring down barriers and confidently and honestly tackle critical conversations.

In this program you will learn to:
  • Recognize and quickly assess the degree of difficulty of a conversation
  • Target the outcome by knowing what you do and don’t want from it
  • Separate the facts from the story
  • Look for nonverbal cues that things have gone awry
  • Identify old habits that hold you back
  • Reboot and restart a difficult conversation
  • Focus on mutual purpose, benefit and creating a win/win
Company or Organization benefits:
  • Your organization’s EQ (Emotional Quotient) will skyrocket
  • Improved organizational alignment with open, honest dialogue
  • Better morale and relationships, evidenced by less passive-aggressive behavior and more trust
  • Increased productivity
  • Better client relationships
Corporate Training, Workshop, Retreat
6 - 24
3.5 hours