Mastering Communication Styles

If everyone in the world were just like me, then things would get done the way I want them to. Nice concept, but the truth is 75% of everyone out there operates distinctly different from you! This course teaches you about our different styles, how the world sees you, and what you can do to shift your behavior a few degrees to be even more effective in influencing others while building relationships.

Master communicators understand the nuances of all communication styles and have the versatility to adapt their approach. This workshop focuses on everyday situations, improving your communication skills immediately. You’ll develop skills that shift the way you interact with peers, customers, managers, and the C-suite (and probably your personal connections, though the mother-in-law is still a stretch). By mastering communication styles you will learn to recognize assertive behaviors, like the pace, quantity, and volume of speech, gestures, posture and eye contact. You will learn responsive behaviors, including tone of voice, focus of subject, time orientation and expressions.

With these heightened observable skills you will:
  • Become aware of your impact on others
  • Increase your insight into other styles and how our differences affect outcomes
  • Learn the power of nonverbal communication
  • Expand your sphere of influence
  • Deliver and receive fearless feedback
  • Master a simple three-step system to becoming more versatile in all your communications
Company or Organization benefits:
  • The four easy-to-remember styles become your cultural lingo
  • Every style becomes a powerful influencer
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Improve planning, project management, sales, and customer relations
  • Build trust and camaraderie internally and externally
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
  • Cultivate mastery in communication
  • Lead a happier, more productive and better-understood workforce
Corporate Training, Workshop, Retreat
6 - 24
3.5 hours