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Manager to Leader Coaching Series

This intense and comprehensive coaching module develop the skills that managers need to evolve into capable, thoughtful and visionary leaders. This course includes every important leadership skill practiced by effective executives and incorporates real time practice and feedback to lock in learning.

Manager to Leader – one day intensive

This half day or one day intensive program sets the foundation for your managers to better understand and define themselves and builds the framework for their growth into visionaries and leaders. The one day format includes individualized feedback and coaching.

Mastering Communication Styles

Master communicators understand the nuances of all communication styles and have the versatility to adapt their approach. This workshop focuses on everyday situations, improving your communication skills immediately.

Leading Difficult Conversations

Imagine having the skills to approach difficult conversations head on, yet with honesty and compassion. Conversations around poor performance, failed deliverables, customer complaints and team conflict are challenging. This workshop is about getting results and changing behavior and is packed with exercises and practice modules. Participants will work on real issues, practicing techniques in a feedback-rich learning environment.