I founded rdkahn Professional Development because I believe  that success is defined by the quality of our relationships and the attention we give them. The more effectively we communicate, the more successful the outcome is for everyone.
I owned a design/build construction company for 25 years. I worked closely with architects, engineers, fabricators and designers. I interfaced with owners, client representatives, financial institutions and lawyers. I coordinated suppliers, sub contractors and employees - and along the way I had my fair share of challenges and surprises. After a weekend workshop called "Commitment Conversations" I signed up for an extended program and used my own company as a model. My employees mocked me and the new language I was using. Within one year my company saw a dramatic increase in revenue, which affected the profit sharing program and bonuses -my employees weren't mocking me anymore!  Profit is always a good outcome, but what's even more impressive is that we learned how to communicate, trust, collaborate, and deliver on our promises with accountability and mutual purpose.  Together we created lasting results by valuing and empowering  our human capacity.
For the last ten years I have followed my passion and built on my own experience; working to refine and reimagine the role of coaching and training in companies in order to shift perspectives, improve communication and create new paradigms for success.

Professional Development and Certifications.
Organizational, Relationship and Systems Coaching,
The Center for Right Relations. Team Coaching Diagnostics, licensee.
Authentic Leadership Program,
Naropa University. Coaches Training Program,
Coaches Training Institute
Certified Trainer in Social Styles®
Licensed - 360 Leadership Assessment Tool
TKI Conflict Assessment Tool
World Cafe' Facilitator
Licensed General Contractor/Certified Green Builder


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