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Story Telling

Stories are everywhere, in every culture and society. They are in our music, movies, cityscapes and cuisine. The origin is ancient. Before there was writing there was only speaking and listening to carry on our histories and one had to be effective at both.

Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment and former CEO of Sony Pictures, in a recent article in Success Magazine said; “There is power in telling your story and hearing other’s stories…stories bring people into action.”

 Stories can inspire and motivate. They can be of myth and metaphor with morals and emotion. Stories can change the way we think and feel. The art of story telling is an important part of leadership and teamwork. A story of a powerful or influential moment in ones life demonstrates to others how your belief system has been shaped.

Doris Kearns Goodwin, master storyteller and Pulitzer Prize winning historian gives this talk on one of history’s greatest leaders and orators, Abraham Lincoln. “Learning From Past Presidents”

So, what’s your story?

A couple of tips from Annette Simmons, author or “The Story Factor” are:

  •  Be authentic. Speak from your heart.
  • Pay attention to your audience. Tell a good story not a long story.
  • Create an experience. Paint a picture. Draw in the listener’s interest and emotions.


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