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Succession Planning

I have found in my coaching work that my clients have one reoccurring theme; succession planning. The old guard has reached retirement age and because of “our” population (Baby Boomers) there has been a profound shortage of replacements. Employee retention and promoting from within the organization has never been more important. Mentoring and coaching has become common place to nurture and develop new leaders. Workshops and training programs have been made readily available to deliver necessary tools to the next generation.

A statement that I hear on a regular basis from clients is; “I have to use kid gloves in bringing along the younger generation.” Many of us developed thick skins in the construction industry¬† as our experience was hardened by a command and control type of leadership. Todays work environment requires awareness of styles, types, feedback, positivity and it’s relationship to productivity, and many more soft skill sets. Coaching meets the needs for many executives and managers to help tap the wealth of knowledge to insure a smooth transition of leadership.

How do proactive companies lower the risk of losing this knowledge? They use succession planning practices throughout their organizations. In other words, they actively plan for continued corporate success when key people leave.

Part of this approach is mentoring or coaching your successors. The following article addresses the how to, and benefits of acting as a coach in your own organization.

The Grow Model

Succession planning is an important tool for helping to ensure that your organization transfers important knowledge and skills. Coaching and mentoring allows a self discovery process to lock in learning through action and accountability delivering results.



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