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It Starts With a Thought

No matter what we do from the break of day to our drift into dreams it all starts with a thought. I have been thinking about this (see, there you have it!) quite a bit lately in my work. Often clients say to me in defense of resisting change; “That’s just the way I’m wired.”

In his book “Behavior Change“,  Hank Fieger addresses an interesting “view from the inside out”, beginning with our core beliefs and carries one through the process of values, attitude, thoughts and feelings, choices, and finally to behavior change.

I have found that getting in touch with your own core values plays a very important role in understanding your ability to connect to a company’s core values or perhaps, in order to write a company set of core values, isn’t it important to understand your own first?

A company’s core values should be rock solid, unshakable. At your personal core this is also true, however life has a way of changing, it is inevitable, it is the one consistent you can count on. So no matter how unwavering your values may be, they may move in priority. Try a simple exercise and write down 10 important values, eg; love, family, money, integrity, success,etc. Then weigh them against one another having to choose one over the other until you have compared each value against the other. What will surface as your top three may surprise you.

So the next time your think you know where your priorities lie, take a moment to think again.



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