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There’s a facinating coaching game on the market that I was introduced to a few years back. It was designed and developed by an Israeli couple, coaches, who created this tool/game that allows you to take a closer look at significant issues and processes in your life.

Change is a hot topic, as it’s really all we can expect of our lives. How we embrace it, dance with it, and at times how we struggle with it defines our successes and failures, joys and sorrows.

I played the game this morning, refreshing myself with some self-coaching, and mostly motivated by preparing something different for a new client. I set my intention on solidifying a new business idea that I have and my challenge of launching it a little bit quicker. “What’s been holding me back?”, was my question. I chose to look at the process through Past, Present and Future and drew three cards from a stack that correspond with text in the accompanying book.

My first card for the Past slot was “Load.”

The second card for Present was “Habits.”

The final card for Future was “Timing.”

Now without going into a detailed explanation and scrutiny of what the related text exposed, just the words alone are powerful. Without reading the text I contemplated each cards name and the picture on the card. The heavy “Load” or burden that the past represents is hard to shake. Why do we let the past influence our present when the past is already done. Doesn’t living in the past hold us back?

We tend to create “Habits” in the present. Routines that feel grounded and certain. And then the itch comes and we wonder where it came from.  Our habits can keep us from challenging ourselves to reach the next mountain top, excel, to live to our full potential. Changing ones habits takes courage and discipline and always affects change.

“His timing was just a little off, or their timing was perfect.” We hear this type of comment on sports to business. Do we control this thing called “Timing?” Is it preparation and opportunity combined to create what we refer to as luck? Perhaps timing is about diligence and commitment and that now is the best time.

So by taking only fifteen minutes I had the opportunity for some self reflection and personal coaching to look at how I am walking with change. I should do this more often!



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