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Study to Live

“Studies show”……don’t you love that line? There are so many studies, surveys, graphs, data, claims and counter claims posted everywhere that whatever endorsement you’re looking for, for your particular endeavour, interest, or practice you’ll find something that supports or condemns it. How many different exercise, diet, and health programs lay claim to “being the way?” Who knows which one to choose?

One thing for certain is continued learning adds value, excitement, energy, and even ambition as we become older. “Studies show” that learning a musical instrument, a new language, studying mathematics, playing chess, doing puzzles, all exercise the brain, which slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s disease (btw a BBC study says that computer games don’t count!).  Then, of course, a “study” published by the Economist magazine showed that over stimulated learning in rats taxed their nervous system and actually sped up the aging process. Hmmmm…..just when I thought rats were gonna live forever.

In the age of Kindle and iPad readers, webinars and free downloads the opportunities are endless to; think of it, find it at your fingertips, and engage in your learning passions, whatever they may be. Whether it is subscribing to particular blogs, listening to NPR, belonging to special interest groups on Linkedin or Facebook, and my recent favorite “The Khan Academy“, the world is our classroom and never before could we claim our seat in such an amazing global university. Enjoy, and oh yeah, take it easy on your nervous system!



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