I founded RDKahn Professional Development Services because I believe that change is all around us, all the time, and the more prepared we are to deal with it, the easier those transition become. I believe the more effectively we communicate, the more successful the outcome is for everyone.

I had a design/build construction company for over 25 years. I worked closely with architects, engineers, fabricators and designers. I interfaced with owners, client representatives, financial institutions and lawyers. I coordinated suppliers, sub contractors and employees, both individual contributors and teams – and long the way I had my fair share of challenges and surprises.

After a weekend workshop called “Commitment Conversations” I signed up for an extended program and used my own company as a model. My employees teased and even mocked me and the new language I was using. Within one year my company saw a dramatic increase in revenue, which of course affected the profit sharing program and bonuses. Profit is always a good outcome, but what’s even more impressive; we learned how to communicate, trust, collaborate, and deliver on our promises with accountability and a mutual purpose. We were onto something, and together we created lasting results by looking at our human capacity.

I was hooked on the process so I continued my training and pursuit of happiness by working with other companies to shift their perspective and create a new paradigm for success.

Professional Development and Certifications.

  • Organizational, Relationship and Systems Coaching, The Center for Right Relations.
  • Team Coaching Diagnostics, licensee.
  • Authentic Leadership Program, Naropa University.
  • Coaches Training Program, Coaches Training Institute
  • Certified Trainer in Social Styles®
  • Licensed – 360 Leadership Assessment Tool
  • TKI Conflict Assessment Tool
  • World Cafe’ Facilitator
  • Licensed General Contractor/Certified Green Builder 




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