Coaching and Training
“Coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization’s most critical talent. Source: Harvard Business Review, January 2009


I. Managing Difficult Conversations

Imagine having the skills to approach difficult conversations head on, yet with honesty and compassion. Conversations around poor performance, failed deliverables, customer complaints and team conflict are challenging. Our program will teach you to identify the crucial moment in high-stakes encounters. Learn to ease tensions, bring down barriers and confidently and honestly tackle critical conversations.

This workshop is about getting results and changing behavior and is packed with exercises and practice modules. Participants will work on real issues, practicing techniques in a feedback-rich learning environment.

In this program you will learn to:

  • Recognize and quickly assess the degree of difficulty of a conversation
  • Target the outcome by knowing what you do and don’t want from it
  • Separate the facts from the story
  • Look for nonverbal cues that things have gone awry
  • Identify old habits that hold you back
  • Reboot and restart a difficult conversation
  • Focus on mutual purpose, benefit and creating a win/win

Organizational benefits

  • Your organization’s EQ (Emotional Quotient) will skyrocket
  • Improved organizational alignment with open, honest dialogue
  • Better morale and relationships, evidenced by less passive-aggressive behavior and more trust
  • Increased productivity
  • Better client relationships
  • Decreased workplace conflict
  • More efficient meetings where people make faster, better decisions

II. Mastering Communication Styles – “Social Styles®”

Master communicators understand the nuances of all communication styles and have the versatility to adapt their approach. This workshop focuses on everyday situations, improving your communication skills immediately. You’ll develop skills that shift the way you interact with peers, customers, managers, and the C-suite (and probably your personal connections, though the mother-in-law is still a stretch). By mastering communication styles you will learn to recognize assertive behaviors, like the pace, quantity, and volume of speech, gestures, posture and eye contact. You will learn responsive behaviors, including tone of voice, focus of subject, time orientation and expressions.

With these heightened observable skills you will:
1. Become aware of your impact on others
2. Increase your insight into other styles and how our differences affect outcomes
3. Learn the power of nonverbal communication
4. Expand your sphere of influence
5. Deliver and receive fearless feedback
6. Master a simple three-step system to becoming more versatile in all your communications

Organizational benefits

  • The four easy-to-remember styles become your cultural lingo
  • Every style becomes a powerful influencer
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Improve planning, project management, sales, and customer relations
  • Build trust and camaraderie internally and externally
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
  • Cultivate mastery in communication
  • Lead a happier, more productive and better-understood workforce


III. “Manager to Leader”
A half day program consists of: 

  • Core Beliefs and Values exercises
  • Working Agreements (Active Listening Skills)
  • Giving and receiving Feedback
  • Situational Leadership

Full day adds one of the following options

  •  360 Feedback (88 Leadership questions delivered online to peers, clients, vendors, direct reports, managers)  Individual 1:1 debrief.
  •  Team Assessment- Online assessment that measures a teams positivity and productivity.  (group/team debrief)

Participant take-away:

  • Individual/Group awareness of Values
  • Tool for creating Working Agreements
  • Tool for Developing the Strengths of those you manage
  • The importance of Feedback

III-A. The “Manager to Leader Coaching Series” 

This effective coaching module will develop new skills and abilities to assist you through transitions.  A 10 session design actively  takes you to your next level of leadership.

Assess and Reflect

  • Personal Story
  • Impact on Others
  • Intro to Feedback


  • Social Style – Ask vs. Tell
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Come from the “I”
  • Open Ended Questions
  • Speak – Check – Reflect

Behavior Change

  • Leadership and Self-Deception
  • Positivity and Productivity
  • Self Talk
  • What Is vs. The Story You Make Up

Situational Leadership

  • Competencies (conscious/unconscious)
  • Assessing others
  • Purpose Before Action

Roles – Goals – Expectations

  • The Big “Why”
  • Creating Buy-In
  • SMART -Short Term Wins
  • Managing by Agreement


  • Performance = Potential – Self Interference
  • Ladder of Inference
  • Offers and Requests
  • Cost / Benefit

Effective Meetings / Presentations

  • Begin With The End In Mind
  • Elevator Speech
  • Bottom Lining
  • Metaphors
  • Visual – Verbal – Vocal

Time Management

  • Urgent vs. Important
  • Conveying Your Message
  • Agendas and Meetings
  • State the Problem, State the Goal

Thoughts into Action

  • Pro-Active vs. Reactive
  • Transitions
  • Leading vs. Managing
  • Practice Makes Habits



IV. “Running Effective Meetings”is a challenge every organization faces. In this on site module we will address the key fundamentals to getting the most out of your meetings.

This half day interactive teach and exercise program will focus on three distinct components.


  • Desired Outcome
  • State the Purpose
  • Begin With the End in Mind


  • Be Mindful of It!
  • Set Priorities
  • Who, What, When, Where, How


  • Structure and Agendas
  • Managing Dominant Voices
  • Bottom Lining
  • Action Items

Streamline your time and make your meetings more effective!






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