“I’ve worked with a number of coaches over the years who have helped me develop and grow and build my business. Rick Kahn possesses a number of unique skills and approaches that put him at the highest level of coaching. His approach is non-linear, and he chooses from his many coaching tools depending on what he sees and hears. He has tremendous insight into what is actually happening regardless of what I tell him. Perhaps most of all, his genuine caring, friendship and sense of humor enable him to push and cajole me as needed. He has helped me with my overall approach to work and life as well as prepare for sticky situations successfully. I have already referred him and will continue to do so.”

Robert Graham – Founder, GrahamComm


“In my 38 year career I have worked hard on my leadership and professional development skills. I have had many opportunities to work with outstanding leaders and participate in some very high powered leadership events. I don’t want to sell these experiences short by any means, but it wasn’t until I started working with Rick a couple of years ago that I discovered a true friend. His teachings go well beyond a transfer of information or simply imparting knowledge. His real expertise is building a relationship that breaks down the barriers to learning. He works from a foundation of trust and tough straight forward honesty. That’s what, in my opinion, makes him the caliber of guy that he is and allows him to be such an effective coach. He really cares about your growth results and holds you accountable for reaching out past your comfort zone to become an effective and impactful leader. So far in my career I have been dealt a pretty fair hand and Rick has definitely been one of my trump cards.”

  E. Lloyd Bushong | President/CEO | Industrial Contractors Inc.   |


 “Having been in the executive coaching, training, and leadership arena for over 30 years, I’ve seen many coaches come and go. Every once in a while, one comes along that is truly gifted. Rick Kahn is one of those gifted executive coaches, who not only is very skilled, but more importantly is highly perceptive and insightful. With strong communication skills, a graceful manner, and the right dose of humor, he is able to help executives and managers reach their potential. I highly recommend him!”

Hank Fieger –  Author of Behavior Change…A View From the Inside Out



 “We have worked with Rick as a strategic partner for several years. He is an executive coach for senior executives and provides one on one coaching to individual leaders at our Leadership Institute. Rick brings a unique skill set that includes real experience leading as a former business owner combined with a coaching style that creates deep connection with his clients. His approach blends practical, results-based coaching with the ability to create lasting insights in to the worldview that drives the behaviors of leaders. I would recommend Rick as a coach for up and coming leaders, current C-level and senior executives and others looking to expand their capacity and impact as leaders.”

 Jake Appelman        FMI Corporation       



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